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Tuesday, March 01, 2016
Back in Rule!

From now on we will see different view point of our life stage!!

Posted at Tuesday, March 01, 2016 by vijayanand
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Tuesday, February 07, 2006



Have you been wondering how to put together an impressively phrased PowerPoint presentation?

Have you been wondering how to compose an e-mail that captures your strategies and goals effectively?

It is time you did something about it.

As a young professional in today's global business world, it is imperative that you are competent in both oral as well as written communication.

Important forms of oral communication at the workplace include:

·            Building interpersonal relationships.

·            Giving presentations and debating viewpoints effectively.

You need to master oral skills for both in-person and over-the-phone interactions.

Similarly, important written communication includes:

·            Writing professional e-mails (sans SMS slang).

·            Putting together concise reports.

·            Creating visually powerful PowerPoint presentations.

And the key to acing oral and written communication is to spruce up your communication skills. And it is a lot easier than you think.

Here are some easy tips to do it on your own:

1. Improve pronunciation and diction

There are a few tricks to making a vernacular accent more globally understandable.

~ Try making sure that 'air' comes out of your mouth when saying the letters, 'T, P, K' and the sound 'Ch'.

~ Focus on elongating your vowel sounds. This will also automatically slow down your rate of speech.

~ Sing English songs out loud!

~ Watch news shows on channels like CNN and BBC.

~ The web site www.m-w.com is great for pronunciation help.

~ I would also suggest buying books on pronunciation and language that come with audiocassettes.

A good book that I found really useful was Better English Pronunciation by J D O'Connor. It is part of the Cambridge series, and some of those books come with cassettes.

2. Spruce up your writing skills

~ Believe it or not, you have to Read More!

~ Well-written magazines, like The Economist and India Today, are great to read not only to improve language skills but also to learn more about the world.

~ In terms of books, read what interests you. The basic goal is to read as much as you can.

There are a plethora of good authors who are popular today. Some good writers whose language is easy to follow include Vikram Seth, Jhumpa Lahiri, Paulo Coelho, J D Salinger, Albert Camus and Roald Dahl.

~ People tend to forget basic grammar when writing e-mails. E-mail is nothing more than a letter, which is sent electronically.

Make sure salutations and content are professional. Use special phrases when attaching documents. For example, "Please find attached with this e-mail a report on..." This helps you sound professional.

3. Five exercises to practise every day!

i. Pretend you are a newscaster and read out the newspaper to your mirror.

ii. Do not read local newspapers. Focus on national newspapers.

iii. While reading a book, underline all the words you do not know. Look them up in the dictionary.

iv. Make a list of these words, and make sure you use at least five of them in a conversation during the day.

v. Most important, make an effort to speak in English to your friends and family.


Posted at Tuesday, February 07, 2006 by vijayanand
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Saturday, February 04, 2006
Hindu Art




Dream What you want to draem,do what you want do,.BECOS We have only one life

Posted at Saturday, February 04, 2006 by vijayanand
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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
introduction of blackberry in sales proffesional


         This my first blog entry but it is not my own,i have read this artical i want share every on how important for techonologies fir corporates this may be some one know very well,

If find any mistake sorry..........

The Leading Wireless Solution for Sales Professionals

The BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution is the leading wireless solution for connecting sales professionals to the customers, colleagues and information they depend on to close business fast. It incorporates the industry’s best software, services and hardware so users can wirelessly receive opportunity alerts and access account information, pricing details and inventory status information while on the go.*

Using the award-winning BlackBerry Enterprise Solution, sales professionals can receive and send information wirelessly and update Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA) systems automatically. BlackBerry can optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of sales forces, helping to improve customer satisfaction, increase competitive advantage and enhance profitability.

BlackBerry is a fully integrated wireless platform that securely delivers enterprise information to sales professionals. It extends data from custom-developed solutions and industry-leading CRM and SFA applications, such as Siebel, SAP, salesforce.com, Onyx, Saratoga Systems and others. Thousands of organizations around the world are already using BlackBerry to provide personnel with wireless access to the information and communications necessary for decisive action in the field.

BlackBerry provides

wireless access to:

Opportunity Alerts

Account Information

Sales Orders and Inventory





Internet and Intranet Content

Empowering Sales Professionals in the Field

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution helps make sales professionals more effective while they are away from the office by securely connecting them to centralized corporate information that enhances their ability to close business. BlackBerry allows users to keep connected to the entire organization, giving sales professionals access to knowledge so they can:

Improve responsiveness - BlackBerry is designed to provide sales professionals with timely access to information about the customers who want to buy and details about the products and services that are available to sell. Sales professionals can capitalize on opportunities immediately by using BlackBerry to automatically receive lead alerts from opportunity management systems and then retrieve sales-related information while in the field.

Improve productivity - BlackBerry allows sales professionals to spend more time in the field working towards their sales objectives. Sales forces can use BlackBerry to capture sales orders and account information on-the-spot, entering it directly into CRM and SFA systems, so they spend less time doing administrative work back at the office. BlackBerry also converts downtime into productive time by enabling mobile users to collaborate with clients and colleagues during normally idle periods.

Increase collaboration - BlackBerry keeps mobile sales professionals in touch with their colleagues without having to leave the field. It provides wireless access to email, phone and discussion groups so they can share leads, competitive trends and account updates that help them close big deals, while they’re on the go.

Fully utilize business systems - BlackBerry unleashes the full potential of existing CRM, SFA and email systems within organizations by extending them to sales professionals when they need it the most – while they’re in the field. With wireless access to the latest customer and product information, mobile professionals are able to properly leverage business systems, allowing users to react to competitive situations and win more sales.

Wireless Network Service

Choice of network for wireless service with BlackBerry available in over thirty countries.

International access with BlackBerry operating on over fifty networks around the world.

Global deployment capabilities for seamless roaming.

BlackBerry Enterprise Server™

Extends sales force automation applications, corporate data and email to BlackBerry handhelds.

Manages wireless connectivity to confidential enterprise information from behind the corporate firewall.

Provides advanced security features, including end-to-end Triple DES encryption, handheld password protection and handheld lock-down policy rules.

BlackBerry Handhelds

Integrated wireless access to data and voice communications.

Automatic and effortless access to field information.

Easy-to-use wireless technology.

Choice of BlackBerry handhelds or third-party devices equipped with BlackBerry connectivity.

"BlackBerry gave us the ability to get our internal data to the end user which is extremely important in today’s financial sector…When our sales people go to a client, they now get real-time data and have the ability to show customers their portfolios on-the spot. That is a huge differentiator for our company. Our customers are intensely watching their investments to maximize any and every opportunity. They want to know if they're meeting their benchmarks and now we have the ability to show them every bit of information we have." Randal Wilson, Assistant Vice President of IT, Essex Investments

"By implementing the right mobility solution, businesses can meet their growth objectives through: new  market opportunities, shorter payback periods for business performance objectives and more efficient execution capabilities." Source: Frost & Sullivane Solution: Core Product Components

Building a High-Performance Sales Force

Organizations can be better positioned to achieve sales targets when they use BlackBerry to optimize their sales force operations. BlackBerry wirelessly extends the business tools and information that sales professionals rely on to support their field activities and deliver on customer requirements. Using BlackBerry, organizations can:

Increase sales opportunities and wins - BlackBerry keeps users securely connected to CRM, SFA and email systems, enabling sales professionals in the field to be more responsive to evolving opportunities. With automatic, push delivery of information, field sales professionals can act on the hottest new leads to engage prospects and close deals ahead of the competition.

Enhance customer satisfaction - BlackBerry can help improve customer relationships by putting account, inventory and order information in the hands of sales professionals while they’re at customer offices. Access to the latest information helps ensure sales forces deliver the best customer experiences possible by providing customers with timely and accurate answers.

Streamline sales processes - BlackBerry can help organizations close more business and reduce the cost of sales by giving sales forces immediate access to the knowledge  required to make sales. With BlackBerry, organizations are able to address customer inquiries faster and more accurately, helping to shorten sales cycles and allowing organizations to maximize their profitability.

Improve sales forecasting - BlackBerry provides user-friendly, wireless access to CRM and SFA systems encouraging sales professionals to input sales funnel information that management can use to identify market trends, competitive pressure points and close rates. Using BlackBerry, organizations gain better insight into their sales force operations, leading to higher quality decisions.

Leverage investments in existing systems - BlackBerry allows organizations to wirelessly extend their existing CRM, SFA and email systems without the overhead of rebuilding or replacing them. Wirelessly enhancing the accessibility of these systems with BlackBerry allows organizations to fully realize the sales force optimizations they intended to get from their original technology investments.

"The new competitive reality means that our customers expect an everincreasing degree of professionalism, expertise and technological sophistication. Having real-time access to CRM and property information is  critical for our sales and consulting professionals to maintain their competitive advantage." Mario Kovacevic, Vice President of IT and E-Business, J.J. Barnicke Limited

"Global 5000 companies that have a substantial investment in assets that typically reside outside of their offices (in the form of parts, inventory, product or people) would be wellserved to take a look at the latest generation of sales force automation, field service and industry-specific mobile CRM applications." Source: Mobile Enterprise Magazine

Corporate Development Program**

Information and tools made available on the BlackBerry developer web site.

Direct manufacturer  support to help organizations develop and extend enterprise applications to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program

Designed for independent software vendors (ISVs) to build or extend applications to BlackBerry.

Organizations can choose from a large selection of prepackaged wireless extensions for leading enterprise applications.

RIM Professional Services

Technical team at RIM that links organizations with the resources to achieve wireless  goals.

Organizations can leverage RIM’s network of developers, consultants, system integrators and architects.

Technical Support Services (TSupport)

Annual subscription service providing software maintenance and technical support services.

Direct manufacturer support to help organizations realize their wireless goals.

Technical Knowledge Center

Central repository for technical information, including product documentation, guides, technical advisories, white papers, FAQs and troubleshooting tips.

Self-serve, technical assistance for organizations.BlackBerry Enterprise

* Check with service provider for availability, roaming arrangements and service plans. Certain features outlined in this document require a minimum version of BlackBerry Enterprise Server software, BlackBerry Desktop Software, and/or BlackBerry handheld software and may require additional development for access to corporate applications. Prior to subscribing to or implementing any third party products or services, it is your responsibility to ensure that the airtime service provider you are working with has agreed to support all of the features of the third party products and services. Installation and use of third party products and services with RIM's products and services may require one or more patent, trademark or copyright licenses in order to avoid infringement of the intellectual property rights of others. You are solely responsible for determining whether such third party licenses are required and are responsible for acquiring any such licenses. To the extent that such intellectual property licenses may be required, RIM expressly recommends that you do not install or use these products and services until all such applicable licenses have been acquired by you or on your behalf. Your use of third party software shall be governed by and subject to you agreeing to the terms of separate software licenses, if any, for those products or services. Any third party products or services that are provided with RIM's products and services are provided "as is". RIM makes no representation, warranty or guarantee whatsoever in relation to the third party products and services and RIM assumes no liability whatsoever in relation to the third party products and services even if RIM has been advised of the possibility of such damages or can anticipate such damages. **Requires Tx3 Support program level of TSupport. © 2004 Research In Motion Limited. All rights reserved. The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited. RIM, Research In Motion, ‘Always On, Always Connected’ and BlackBerry are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and may be pending or registered in other countries.  All other brands, product names, company names, trademarks and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. The specifications and features contained in this document are subject to change without notice. Printed in Canada. MAT-07597-001. BlackBerry provides a base platform that allows organizations to quickly, confidently and cost-effectively extend secure, wireless information to sales professionals. The BlackBerry solution offers choice in the method of application integration, offering flexibility while also meeting an organization’s specific requirements. ales force Pre-built connector sold by Outsourced development Siebel®




Saratoga Systems®

Microsoft® CRM







Other/Customer Options for Securely Extending CRM and SFA Applications to BlackBerry

To Purchase

Purchase the BlackBerry solution by contacting your wireless service provider.

For More Information

Obtain additional information on how the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution

can empower your sales force and provide competitive advantage for

your organization:

Web: www.blackberry.com/go/sfa

Email: sfa@blackberry.net

Extend Existing Information Systems to Field Sales Professionals

With BlackBerry, organizations can get full value from existing CRM and SFA software and technology investments by providing secure, wireless access for mobile users.

BlackBerry can fully leverage an organization’s existing enterprise information systems, establishing a compelling return on investment.The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution combines critical product, service and program requirements for providing end-to-end wireless extensions of CRM and SFA tools and applications. It offers the wireless solution to meet an organization’s sales force requirements,

 whether the organization: (1) purchases a pre-built connector from industry-leading CRM and SFA application partners;

(2) outsources development of the wireless extension to a third-party application partner; or (3) uses the BlackBerry solution to design the wireless extension in-house. BlackBerry also offers comprehensive support services and programs to help organizations achieve the full benefit of the wireless platform,assisting with the operation and ongoing use of the BlackBerry solution components. Based on their requirements, organizations can leverage a variety of technical services and programs, including: Technical Knowledge Center, Technical Support Services, Corporate Development

Program, BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program and RIM Professional Services.


Why Choose Blackberry?

1.        Single device for your data and voice needs – no need to carry a separate PDA, laptop or mobile phone.

2.        Integration – open a web page from an email message, dial a number from a web page, and send an email from your address book and more.

3.        Ease of use – BlackBerry devices feature intuitive hardware and software design.

4.        "Push" technology – No prompting to get email or data, it finds you.

5.        Proven – BlackBerry is used around the world, available from 95 wireless carriers in 40 countries.

BlackBerry® offers leading wireless solutions, providing access to a wide range of applications on a variety of BlackBerry devices, as well as BlackBerry enabled devices, around the world.


Posted at Wednesday, February 01, 2006 by vijayanand
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